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Seminole City Center

11167 Park Blvd., Suite C Seminole FL

Seminole City Center

11167 Park Blvd., Suite C Seminole FL




Specializing in: 

  • Blondes
  • Balayage
  • Creative colors.

Certifications & Additional Education:

  • Fundamentals of Design w/ Redken Global Educator Brayden Pelletier & Eunice Aguilar (June, 2019)
  • Cutting education with Brayden Pelletier
  • Spa Ritual training
  • Cliove education on curls with international team
  • Cliove Keratin certification
  • VOMOR extension certification
  • Cutting education with Natulique international team
  • Balayage technique education with Natulique
  • Natulique certification
  • OWAY certification
  • Color theory education with Natulique
  • Color theory education with Simply Organic
  • Aveda Graduate (2017)
  • Aveda Artistic Team (2016-2017)

Getting to know Shae...

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“Above all variations of beauty, the purest beauty one can possess comes from within.”

“I have created amazing lifelong friendships. All of my coworkers are extremely supportive and encouraging.”

I cannot get enough of key lime pie!”

“Alicia Keys! I absolutely love her.”

“I listen to a variety of music but the genre that stays on my radio is definitely country.”

“I would have to say a medium rare steak with a side of fried pickles dipped in ranch.”

“Anything is possible with enough coffee and dry shampoo!”

“My mom, Eric Thomas, and Les Brown.”

“I LOVE antique shopping, anything rugged and old that contains a history to it will instantly capture my heart.”

“Probably the Avengers series”